Monday 23rd March

Welcome to our learning for Monday 23rd of March.

This is our 32nd day of learning in Foundation.


We are learning to write about what we did on the weekend.

I am successful when:

  • I can draw a picture about what I did on the weekend.
  • I can write some Golden words in my sentence.
  • I can write the sounds I hear in the words.

Mini Lesson:

What do good writer’s do?

  • Leave spaces between their words.
  • Put full stops at the end of their sentence.
  • Begin a sentence with an uppercase letter.


Talk about what you did on the weekend.

Decide what you enjoyed doing the most and draw a picture about it.

Write about your drawing using the Golden words and your alphabet chart to help you.

Remember to start your writing with a capital letter, put finger spaces between your words and put a full stop at the end of your sentence.


Take a photo of your drawing and writing and upload it to Freshgrade.

Sound of the Day:

We are learning to recognise the letters ar as in star.

I am successful when:

  • I can recognise the ‘ar’ sounds as in star, car, far, jar,
  • I can ‘ar’ sound in words.

Listen and move to the sound waves chant.


Look at the pictures that have the ‘ar’ sound. Say the names of the pictures then draw them.

What other things have got the ‘ar’ sound in them that you know?

Label them.


Upload a photo of the pictures on Freshgrade.


We are learning to:

Listen to a story using our whole body to listen.

I am successful when:

  • I can talk about the events in the story in order.
  • I can hear and identify Golden words in the story.
  • I can point to the uppercase letters and the full stops.

Mini Lesson:

Login to Epic Books using your class code.

Click on your name and listen and read the book ‘Fancy Nancy’.


Log on to Sunshine Online using the code. Click on Learning space 1/Literacy levels 3, 4. Read the story ‘I Can’.  Listen to the story and then read it. Talk about all the things the girl ‘can do’.

Draw a picture of 2 things YOU can do. Here is a picture of what Mrs Gallucci can do.

Return to Sunshine Online and complete the activities for the book ‘I Can’.


We are learning to subitise numbers from 1 to 5. (Subitising is recognising a collection without counting.)

I am successful when:
I can recognise the size of the collection without counting.

Watch this video…


Login to Matific.

Complete tasks 1 ,2 and 3 in the School Work section.